XPLORE Market Pioneer Batch #6
Applications for Start-ups are open!

July 11 - Sept 11, 2024, 11:59 pm (midnight)

Application Period

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What awaits you?

  • Six weeks of intensive start-up progression
  • Part-time online & offline trainings
  • Applied insights from experts & prior founders
  • Invaluable 1:1 coachings

Why join?

Market Validation Focus: Ideal for start-ups with a validated value proposition and Beachhead Market.

Essential Topics Covered: 
Focus on topics such as pricing, first product, founder sales, talent attraction, funding, and sales mindset.

Expert-Led Interactive Sessions: 
Learn from experienced founders and topic experts.

Individual Coaching: 
Personalized advice and guidance through one-on-one sessions.

XPLORE Market Pioneer
Walk with Confidence, We've Got Your Back

Are you ready to elevate your start-up to market readiness and secure your first customer? Our intensive six-week program is designed to help you achieve just that.

In this program, you'll learn to combine value-based and commercial thinking, developing a strategy that positions your start-up for success. From sales to pilot customers, pricing to product development – we’ll help you navigate complex market demands and prepare for success.

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This program is for your start-up team if you...

  • have a validated tech-based solution,
  • aim for market readiness and are looking to refine your strategy,
  • want to validate your market and prepare to secure your first customer,
  • need to market your first product or MVP
  • seek funding strategies.

How does your journey look like?

Commitment and Schedule:

XPLORE Market Pioneer is a hybrid part-time program, requiring a commitment of 5-10 hours per week. This includes:

  • The kick-off event, to connect with all participating start-ups

  • 2-3 online sessions per week with group trainings and expert insights

  • 8 total hours of optional coaching with reviews and feedback

  • Various on-site sessions in Garching & Munich Urban Colab

  • The Final Pitch Event to present your start-up idea in front of a jury of internal and external VCs

Our well-structured schedule ensures that you can balance your participation with your studies, work, and personal life. Most sessions are held online, making it convenient for you to attend.

On-site Events:

You get the chance to be part of a hybrid program, consisting of on-site and online events so that you can easily participate wherever you are. However, there are obligatory items on the agenda where at least one team member has to be present on-site.

Those are:

  • Kick-off

  • Pitch & Pizza

  • Founder input session

  • Final Pitch Event

This program is designed for dedicated and committed teams ready to embrace the exchange with experienced founders and experts. Please ensure you are prepared to meet the time commitment to gain the most from the program.


Practical sessions & hands-on mentality

  • Kick-off (on-site)

  • Primary Business Use Case

  • Quantify the Value

  • Investor Pitch Input

  • Pitch & Pizza (on-site)

  • Co-Founder Insights

  • Build a Sales Engine

  • (B2B) Sales

  • Founder-led Sales Strategy

  • Pilot Customer

  • First Price

  • Fireside Chat Sales (on-site)

  • Founder Storytelling

  • First Start-up operations

  • Funding Strategy (on-site)

  • First HR / Recruiting

  • Investor Readiness

  • Final Pitch Event (on-site)

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How To Apply

Just fill out our application form.

Please note: You cannot save your progress, so make sure to gather all necessary information before starting the form. Ensure your application is complete and submitted before the deadline on September 11th, 2024 (11:59 pm).

This is what we need from you:

  • Contact information

  • Start-up information

  • Latest pitch deck

  • Problem/solution fit

  • Beachhead market

Apply now for Batch #6

Want to join the next Market Pioneer batch?

Key Dates for XPLORE Market Pioneer Batch #6


    July 11th, 2024


    September 11th, 2024


    September 12 - 19th, 2024


    September 24th, 2024


    October 10th, 2024

  • FINAL PITCH EVENT (Munich Urban Colab Seminar Room)

    November 21st, 2024

Have Questions?

Our team is here to help! If you need assistance during the application process, contact us at xplore.marketpioneer@unternehmertum.de.

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