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On-demand Training and Guidance for Tech Start-ups to Launch, Develop, or Grow Their Business

For start-up teams who struggle to connect their tech-based idea to customer needs and create viable business models, we clear the way: Our service helps you to create your customized start-up development path based on your needs, laser-focusing your team effort and speeding up your venture’s progress.

Get started when ready

Customize your training journey

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Our Training Modules

Your onboarding session with one of our coaches gives you access to our comprehensive early-stage start-up development training.

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PowerUp Team

The team is everything. We'll train you for what it takes to build a high-performing group of individuals with our team development, talent recruiting, and leadership training sessions.

  • Team up Basic

  • Talent up Basic

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Team up Advanced

  • Job Ad Review

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Customer Discovery

Build a solution that solves a customer's problem. Our sessions around Value Proposition, Persona Development, and Customer Interviews are the cornerstones for any desirable, marketable product.

  • Value Proposition Canvas 

  • Development of Personas 

  • Hypotheses Testing

  • Customer Interviews

  • Business Model Canvas

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Business Creation

What market are you in? After validating your problem-solution fit, our sessions around market, competitor analysis, and pricing set the scene for your viable business model.

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Business Model Canvas

  • B2B SaaS Sales

  • Start-up Metrics for Market Readiness

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Legal and Finance

It's business! Founding and running a start-up requires to navigate legal and financial aspects of incorporation and company growth. Our experts help you to find your best company set-up.

  • Legal Council Hour

  • Legal Basics: Founding well!

  • Legal Advanced: Financing

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Your Journey

Each entrepreneurial journey is different.

Tailor yours with us!

  • 1

    Register on the training platform cirqus.

  • 2

    Enroll in Founder's Home Base.

  • 3

    Book your onboarding session.

  • 4

    Design your need-based journey.

As you embark on your training journey, our coaches provide feedback to each team along the way. Don't miss it!

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When Should You Apply

You check off these criteria:

  • committed, first-time founding team with a tech idea

  • identified problem scenario worthwhile solving

  • founding team that values flexibility and self-driven venture development

Apply now!

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Any questions about XPLORE Freerider?

Reach out to us at xplore.freerider@unternehmertum.de

Jenny Rathgeber

Jenny Rathgeber


  • Simply sign up on our Training Platform Cirqus, and enroll in XPLORE Home Base where you will have immediate access to a fine selection of XPLORE Freerider Open Training. Do you want access to all XPLORE Freerider Training, even the more advanced ones? Then we want to get to know your team in an Onboarding Session. We’ll support you from there with our Coaches.

  • Well… yes and no.

    You can always join the XPLORE Home Base with a fine selection of our training sessions, regardless of your team status. All other sessions are addressing early-stage start-up teams and their challenges, which is why a team is required for those.

  • We of course love to get to know the team during the Onboarding Session - or as many members as possible. Some of our training sessions do require team participation, but that will be stated in the training description. For all other sessions, we are happy for every person joining but do not require each team member to be present. If you feel the topic can be valuable for all of you - then join the session with the full team.

  • Currently, all our training sessions are conducted online and live by our Trainers. Our sessions are conducted on a regular basis, so you can easily sign up for the upcoming sessions of your preferred training. This is why we at XPLORE Freerider do not have a time limit for your stay with us. Whenever you need training, you sign up for it.

  • Important things first. All our Coaches are obliged to keep all confidential information secret. This obligation extends beyond the duration of your stay with XPLORE Freerider. The purpose of the sessions with a Coach is to help you navigate through our offers and support you along your unique XPLORE Freerider journey. Also, they are your connecting dot to the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem and will share any additional suitable offerings to make you hit the next stage.